Kent Armstrong TVS4N Vintage Series Texas Vintage Stratocaster Neck Pickup *White*

$49.00 USD

Maker: Kent Armstrong 

Model: Vintage Series Texas Vintage Strat Middle Pickup

Condition: New




  • Magnet Type = Alnico 5
  • Magnet Dimensions = 5mm W X 17mm L
  • Includes 2 conductor wiring
  • All electrical measurements taken at 78 degrees Fahrenheit

    This Texas Vintage bridge position pickup adds the bite to your single coil tone that you have been looking for! Featuring Alnico magnets & overwound coils, these babies satisfy the souls of those who require vintage tone, but want more out of their Pickups.

    Available individually, or purchase all 3 for a calibrated set.

    • TVS4N = neck 5.95K
    • TVS4M = middle (RW/RP) 6.99K
    • TVS4B = bridge 7.47K