Kent Armstrong TL4R Hot Rod Series Twanger Telecaster Bridge Pickup

$52.00 USD

Maker: Kent Armstrong 

Model: Hot Rod Series Twanger Telecaster Bridge Pickup

Condition: New



  • Magnet Type = Alnico 5
  • D.C. resistance = 8.58k Ohms
  • Inductance (henrys) = 2.84
  • Magnet dimensions = 5mm W X 17mm L
  • Lead type = 2 conductor
  • This beefed up Kent design Tele® bridge pickup transcends the balance between sweet vintage sting and high output punch. Big, snappy low end, striking mids, and crisp high end make this one of the best vintage bridge pickups available today. The stainless steel baseplate redirects and focuses the magnetic field towards the strings so you get excellent dynamic response. If your twanger is too bright and wimpy, then replace your bridge pickup with the TL4R and crank it up! Use this set with our WDE4 switch for the ultimate Tele® experience!