Idiotbox Effects Mad Doctor Deluxe

Maker: Idiotbox Effects

Model: Mad Doctor Stutter Deluxe

Condition: New



This super cool tremolo utilizing the Electric Druid StompLFO takes the original Mad Doctor Stutter to the ultimate level! 

It has the typical DEPTH, SPEED and VOLUME controls, but the SHAPE control will change the effect pattern! Going clockwise the patterns are: ramp up, ramp down, square pulse, triangle, sine, sweep, random levels and random slope. The left foot switch activates the effect, the right switch is for tap tempo. There are also EXPression control and control voltage (CV) IN and OUT options.

4.72" x 3.71" x 1.33" 1590BB sized enclosure, true bypass switching, common 9vdc center negative BOSS style power input. Current draw 12mA. Power supply not included.

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