Hungry Robot The Wash V2

$249.10 USD

Maker: Hungry Robot

Model: The Wash V2

Condition: New



The Wash has by far been my most popular pedal since its release in 2016 and now it is getting even better.

The biggest drawback to the original Wash is its size.  It has a complicated, large PCB as well as three footswtiches which necessitated a larger enclosure with side mounted jacks (5.7"x4.7"x1.5" + jacks).   

For the new versions, I spent time revisiting the PCB layout and made it more efficient and compact without adding or subtracting any tonal functionality.  The circuit that hundreds of users have fell in love with is unchanged.  

The new versions are squeezed into the same enclosure as The Stargazer and Moby Dick (3.7"x4.7"x2") with options for top mount or side mount jacks (tap input always on side). 

Also new is a manual time knob on both new versions (tap tempo & non-tap-tempo)

I also eliminated the right footswitch which activated the "Wash Circuit."  With the new version, The Wash circuit is always ON when the pedal is activated. You are still able to dial in a straight delay by backing the Wash, Resonance, and Ripple knobs off to minimum.