Hungry Robot Modular CLOCKABLE LFO

$150.00 USD

Maker: Hungry Robot


Condition: New



The Clockable LFO brings multiple waveforms, CV control, subdivisions, and wave symmetry in a simple, user friendly package.  LFO speed can be controlled by the tap tempo pushbutton, clock input, or over-sized Speed knob.  There are three waveforms that can be selected by toggle and further modified by the Level and Symmetry knob.  The Symmetry knob shifts the wave form from a symmetrical wave to a ramp up or ramp down waveform (or when using square wave, acts a pulse width control).  Clock In and Clock Out for syncing with other devices.  All knobs on the Clockable LFO can be manipulated with CV.  As with all Hungry Robot "Modular Boxes" the Clockable LFO can be powered with a simple 9V DC, Negative Center power supply.  


   -SPEED:  Sets the overall speed of the LFO.  Turning this knob will override any tap or clocked tempo.  This control is still affected by subdivision.
   -LEVEL:  Sets the level of the LFO output.  Ranges from 0-10V peak-to-peak

   -SYMMETRY:  Sets the symmetry of the waveform.  Shifting from ramp-down to ramp-up on triangle and sin waves.  Adjusts pulse width on square.

   -SUBDIVISIONS:  Selects subdivisions (x1,x2,÷2).  Automatically converts LFO speed.

   -WAVESHAPE:  Selects the waveshape of the LFO output (Sin, Triangle, Square)


   -SPD CV:  CV input for Speed.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.

   -SYM CV:  CV input for Symmetry.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.

   -LVL CV:  CV input for Level.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.

   -CLK IN:  Will sync to external clock. Will override the speed knob.
   -CLK OUT:  Outputs a 5V clock signal at 50% duty cycle.  Can also be useful as a gate signal for your ADSR

   -LFO OUT:  Two outputs of final waveform.  Both outputs are buffered for minimal signal attenuation.  10V Peak-to-Peak


   -CENTER PUSHBUTTON:  On-board tap tempo.  Will override the speed knob.

Dimensions: 4.7” x 3.7” x 1.96”

Power: 9V DC - Negative Center - 2.1mm Barrel