Hilbish Design Deathimizer

$225.00 USD

Maker: Hilbish Design

Model: Deathimizer

Condition: New



Introducing our newest and noisiest collaboration with King Buzzo from The Melvins...The Deathimizer! This is no transparent overdrive, amp like distortion, or smooth fuzz. The Deathimizer is a fuzz with ear drum wrecking highs stacked with an analog two octave down circuit for maximum chaos. Don’t expect H9000 tracking, the Deathimizer unpredictably blips, bloops, groans, and drones its way to give you the most brutal noise making machine possible. With the octave control off you have crusty fuzz tones that sound like rusty nails shooting from your speakers, as you mix in the two octave down signal you can conjure 8-bit leads, synth sounds, and unpredictable drones.

Artwork by Mackie Osborne

Fuzz- Controls the amount of fuzz, going from mild drive to all out buzz-saw madness
Volume - Overall effect level
Filter - Low pass filter control
Octave - Blends between straight fuzz and a fuzz tone two octaves down for maximum chaos!

Soft Touch Footswitch

Power: 9V 100mA center negative supply only