Gojira FX Trembulator

$189.00 USD

Maker: Gojira FX

Model: Trembulator

Condition: New



The Trembulator is a super-fast tremolo by GojiraFX which provides a wide range of tremolo sounds and a great vibe/ring effect.  The Bypass LED also pulses in time with the tremolo.  The Trembulator is very responsive on a range of instruments including guitar, bass, keys and more. 

Updated ! Now includes a speed switch, giving the full range of slow tremolo to super fast!

The Volume Knob controls the overall output volume.

The Pulse Knob will control the speed of the tremolo from slow to constant.

The Balance Knob gives you full control while blending the tremolo into your signal.

The Intensity Knob controls the wave/shape of the tremolo pulse, allowing you to control between soft, warm pulses to sharp and choppy.

9volt DC