Gojira FX Octave Generator

$219.00 USD

Maker: Gojira FX

Model: Octave Generator

Condition: New



The Gojira Octave Generator offers 1 octave up, 1 down and 2 down with a clean blend.

Octave Up
Add a beautiful high octave onto your notes.
This effect works especially well when soloing above the twelfth fret on an electric guitar – some real vintage Jimi tones!

Octave Down
This beastly one octave down will give your tone some serious low hanging beef!

Two Down

One down not fat enough?  If you’re a real pervert then try two down – feel the sub!

Remember you can mix all of these parameters for some unique sounds!

Clean Blend
Blend in your clean tone with your octaves.
You can have loads of your guitars lovely, natural tone shining through or none at all!

This fully analog, monophonic octave generator has fantastic tracking and works extremely well with a range of instruments from guitars, basses, synths, keys to even wind instruments like a harmonica

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