Gojira FX Principal Skinner Tubescreamer 808

$199.00 USD

Maker: Gojira FX

Model: Principal Skinner Tubescreamer 808

Condition: New



Principal Skinner Tubescreamer 808 with Steamed Hams 3D printed knobs!


Inspired by the classic 808 Tube Screamer, the Gojira 808 provides an overdrive which adds real analogue crunch and beautiful tone to your sound!


The Volume Knob controls the overall output volume.

The Tone Knob controls your tone from bass to treble.

The Gain Knob controls the amount of gain (overdrive).

Symmetrical/Asymmetrical diode clipping switch to give more range in your tone.

Bass Boost switch to increase the low end.

All our pedals are housed in premium Gorva Design enclosures, use Gorva Design premium footswitches, and are printed using high-definition UV printing.