Gojira FX Heretic Deluxe

$209.00 USD

Maker: Gojira FX

Model: Heretic Deluxe

Condition: New



All 3 Rat types in 1 pedal! Original, Turbo and Dirty.

The new and improved Heretic Deluxe now comes in a beautiful Gorva Design enclosure, with a Gorva Design footswitch as standard, 3D-printed knobs, plus a drone switch for added sonic exploration!

Uses the LM308 chip that the original Rat’s used and D9E NOS Soviet germanium diodes!

We can also offer top jacks on this pedal if that suits your pedal board!

The Volume Knob controls the overall output volume.

The Filter Knob controls the amount of the effect running through your signal.

The Distortion Knob controls the amount of distortion in the signal.

The Response Knob controls frequency response and low end

The 3 way Turbo Switch flips the pedal from Original to Turbo to Dirty.

The Drone Switch activates the oscillation/drone mode

Uses the original LM308 chip.

9volt DC.