Fuzzrocious Pedals 420 Fuzz V2 *Pink*

$174.20 USD

Maker: Fuzzrocious Pedals

Model: 420 Fuzz V2

Condition: New



Keep your checkerboard vans on..no need to slap your skull with it. With the Fuzzrocious 420 Fuzz, it'll be 420 all the time.

Limited in its first run to 42 units, this original fuzz boasts an EL5420csz quad op-amp that creates two different fuzz circuits that you can blend together to make one pretty blazed hybrid fuzz. Yes, we picked this op-amp because it has "420" in its name.

Fuzz 1 provides a highly sustaining fuzz and distortion with a tone stack that growls heavily in the lows and lower mids.

Fuzz 2 blows out a plume of mids-heavy gated fuzz capable of grinding up your tone from thick nugs to slick chugs.

Both sides are gated; one more so than the other. Perfect for chugs, slugs, and fuzzy bugs. This gated fuzz provides sharp cuts in sustain to give you no string noise and feedback in between palm mutes and single notes. Use the gate to YOUR advantage and sound different than everyone else with a fuzz.

In layman's terms, you have two fuzzes that each sound different from one another and can be used by themselves or blended together however you wish.

Each enclosure has a different pattern in the handshaken faux keef/shake powder coat, so no two powder coats will be the same. Every 420 Fuzz is one of a kind

*V2 Adds toggle switch for 9/18 volt operation, clean blend POTentiomer, and footswitch to control "Fuzz 2"