Fuzzlord Effects HM-6

$215.00 USD

Maker: Fuzzlord Effects

Model: HM-6

Condition: New




Death By Chainsaw

The Fuzzlord HM-6 is our tribute to the classic HM-2 circuit and gives all of the classic grind and chainsaw tones while providing the musician with modern features and controls. When thinking of extreme distortion tones there is no better tool for your sonic arsenal than the HM-6 for guitar and bass.

A powerful +/- 20dB 3 band EQ makes it possible to cut through the mix while still retaining the ability to chug through brutal riffs and leads. The gyrator based active EQ has been finely sculpted to work well with bass guitars and low guitar tunings and can be used in many different styles of heavy music.

Aside from the updated active EQ the HM-6 features a boosted full frequency clean blend circuit so you can easily add clarity back into your signal and works very well for bass. The boosted full frequency blend has a much nicer volume sweep than traditional clean blend pedals.

If you are looking for the classic chainsaw tone that is more versatile for different genres of music as well as being able to use it for guitar or bass the HM-6 is the pedal for you.


V: Adjust the overall output volume

G: Adjust the amount of gain/saturation

C: Clean Blend

B: Bass boost/cut

M: Mid boost/cut

T: Treble boost/cut



Power: Use only a 9v center negative 2.1mm power supply. We recommend using an isolated power supply to avoid noise issues.

Dimensions: 120 x 94 x 42.5 mm

Switching: True bypass soft switching

Current Draw: 58mA