Fuzzlord Effects FM-7 EQ *Red Splatter*

$195.00 USD

Maker: Fuzzlord Effects

Model: FM-7 EQ

Condition: New



Complete Tonal Control

The FM-7 provides complete control over your instruments tonal range for your guitar or bass. 6 bands of active gyrator based EQs that can boost or cut each band +/- 15dB with an overall level control to finely tune your tone. The FM-7 is the perfect addition to your pedalboard to tighten up your sound and shape the sound of your dirt pedals.

Designed to work with hi gain pedals the FM-7 can take different types of Fuzz/Distortion/Overdrive and completely transform the overall tonal character. The 6 bands of EQ have been tuned to work well with down tuned instruments.