Frost Giant Electronics Osiris

$189.00 USD

Maker: Frost Giant Electronics

Model: Osiris

Condition: New



Osiris is a ground up design in our way to improve the Overdrive’s most have grown to know over the years but don’t worry, this isn’t the transparent Overdrive or some clone. This is special.

Osiris boasts 18v internal but 9v at the tap so you won’t need any special power source, from there the Volume is hit with 8db of boost to give it a hot and reactive feeling that makes your notes jump! Instead of a traditional tone section we went with Depth knob at 906hz Slider type designed to push the low end or cut the flub from amps like a Boogie Rect. and adding more heft to your 5150 for more punishing riffs. The dedicated Hz lets your fine tune the amount of cut and low end without sacrificing your amps tone. The Blend control is placed RIGHT before the Volume section so that also gives you a few new options not usually in an OD pedal. You can use it to add the right amount of OD to your tone or also cut back the gain of a JCM800 like amp for a clean channel because of its design. In the heart of it all lies a single Germanium D9B diode for a beautiful asymmetrical clipping and to smooth out the Distortion while adding a rich and thick overall tone.