Fjord Fuzz HEDDA

$189.00 USD

Maker: Fjord Fuzz 

Model: HEDDA

Condition: New




I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to squeeze as much vintage fuzz tone and texture as possible into modern, user-friendly and predictable packages, with wonderful results, such as BERSERK, EMBLA, FREIA and ODIN.

However, I think most people have figured out how to work with fuzz pedals now, so the whole “I want a fuzz that doesn’t behave like a fuzz” thing is kind of done.

Personally I would easily sacrifice the ability to stick my fuzz after a buffer or unbuffered wah if it meant I could get the most distinguished, gentlemanly low end compression and the most glassy, bell-like cleanup on the other end.

This is what HEDDA does.

There’s two un-labeled controls, both of which use beautiful, old, RCA-style, bakelite radio knobs. One for volume, one for transistor biasing. At lower bias, you can get that sputtery gated fuzz and at higher bias, the Gilmour-like over-biased, sustains lead tone. There’s not as much output level as found on BERSERK or ODIN, but enough to kick your amp into sweet, singing fuzz.

The secondary foot switch engages a momentary feedback oscillator that sends the circuit into theremin and synth like textures you can “play” using your guitar’s onboard controls. This let’s you burst into mid-riff feedback squelches and synth dive bombs whenever that’s needed, which is always, and it’s an amazing little trick that should open up brand new ideas for any guitarist. The fuzz itself also features amazing cleanup, so the whole package works like an extension of your guitar. It’s wonderful.