Fender Pure Vintage '51 Telecaster Pickup Set

$149.99 USD
By Fender

Maker: Fender

Model: Pure Vintage '51 Telecaster Pickup Set

Condition: New


Coast Sonic is an authorized Fender dealer. 

Pure Vintage '51 Telecaster pickups were crafted with the original design in mind to accurately mimic the twang and shimmer of the originals. These period-correct single-coil pickups impart tight low end and clear, balanced midrange. From vintage bobbin construction to genuine original-era cloth wiring, all Fender Pure Vintage pickups are wound to precise specifications for authentic, traditional Fender tone and performance.


  • Formvar-coated wire on bridge and enamel-coated wire on neck pickup
  • Alnico 5 magnets add more focus and enhanced dynamics
  • Flush-mount polepieces produce even string response
  • Wax-potted
  • Period-correct cloth wire and fiber bobbin construction
  • Installation hardware included