Eventide TimeFactor Dual Delay + Looper

Maker: Eventide

Model: TimeFactor Dual Delay + Looper

Condition: New



Whether you favor the warm and bubbly Vintage and Tape delays of the 70s, the glitchy digital delays of the 80s, the “edgy” dual delays of the 90s or something more exotic, the TimeFactor is full of amazing tools for warping the fourth dimension. Not to mention a really sweet Looper.

Algorithms included: 

  • Digital Delay
  • Vintage Delay
  • Tape Echo
  • Mod Delay
  • Ducked Delay
  • Band Delay
  • Filter Pong
  • MultiTap
  • Reverse
  • Looper

All Eventide stompboxes feature:

  • 100 factory presets
  • Selectable bypass (true or buffered)
  • Selectable mute and reverb tails
  • Flexible routing (pre/post, wet/dry, stereo/mono)
  • 5 pin MIDI in and out/thru
  • USB for MIDI control, software updates and new features
  • Dedicated tap tempo w/MIDI clock support
  • Expression pedal/CV control input
  • Auxiliary switch support w/momentary or toggle function
  • Dedicated performance switch for extra control
  • Instrument or line-level input; line or amp-level output
  • H9 Control editor/librarian/control software capability


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