Electronic Audio Experiments Surveyor V2

Maker: Electronic Audio Experiments 

Model: Surveyor

Condition: New





The Electronic Audio Experiments Surveyor is a compact re-interpretation of the Instrument Voicing Preamp (aka IVP), a cult classic and long discontinued rackmount preamplifier. The IVP is best known for its distinctively clangy tone and harsh attack at high treble settings—especially in conjunction with an aluminum neck guitar, single coil pickups, and full range speakers.

The Surveyor features a unique, transformer-based “Tube Voice” distortion generator that is highly responsive to the frequency content of the input signal. This is achieved by placing a two-band Baxandall EQ before distortion is applied—the complete opposite of most drive pedals. Using this method, gain may be selectively applied to a specific frequency band: boost the treble for that signature clang, or maximize the bass for fuzz overload. This variety of saturated textures transcends genre labels.

(Note: The Surveyor was previously found in the left half of our discontinued Dude Incredible pedal. If you find yourself still wanting a Harmonic Percolator style fuzz to pair with your Surveyor, I can recommend some truly great ones.)

Intersound is a trademark of Aion FX.


  • Level - overall volume, with more than enough range for line level output or to overdrive a tube amplifier

  • Gain - amount of overdrive/saturation equally applied to all frequencies; highly interactive with the Bass and Treble settings

  • Bass - pre-gain low shelf boost/cut, +/-12dB @ 100Hz

  • Treble - pre-gain high shelf boost/cut, +/-12dB @ 3KHz

  • Hi/Lo (switch) - sets the range of the gain control. In the Lo setting the gain range is -15dB to +12dB, in the Hi setting the gain range is +9dB to +36dB.


  • V2 (current as of February 2021)
    - New mechanical format (changed enclosure shape, knob spacing, jacks, etc)
    - Added power supply over-voltage shutdown circuit and ESD protection
    - Added Hi/Lo toggle to increase gain range

  • V1
    - Original release

  • Electrical Specifications

    Bypass: Relay switching with true bypass

    Input impedance @ 1 Khz: 500kΩ

    Output impedance @ 1 Khz: 2kΩ

    Power: 9V DC, 2.1 mm center negative barrel. The current draw is 75 mA.

    We recommend a regulated, isolated power supply rated for 100 mA minimum. The PSU input is protected against reverse polarity and over-voltage up to 24V. Our pedals do not accept batteries.

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