Death By Audio Absolute Destruction

$180.00 USD

Maker: Death By Audio 

Model: Absolute Destruction 

Condition: New



The Absolute Destruction might be our most insane pedal yet. Showing little to no respect for what instruments normally sound like, or even what many people want them to sound like -we pushed this thing until it sounded totally disgusting. Want a thick, gnarly fuzz sound? Sure, you can do that, and it’ll sound really, really good. But you can also push the OVERLOAD slider into blooming, octave nastiness. Push it further and starve the circuit so that your signal starts to eat itself. Push it all the way and your sound will completely duck down before violently coming back to life.

  • Controls include: MASTER VOLUME (the red knob), OVERLOAD, GAIN. OVERLOAD (red) and GAIN (white) are horizontal sliders and recessed close to the enclosure to protect them from being bent or accidentally moved while playing.
  • Powered by a 9v alkaline battery or a 9v, negative tip, 2.1mm barrel, DC adaptor.
  • As usual, the Absolute Destruction is built to last forever and true bypass.