Curtis Novak M/S Goldfoil Humbucker Neck Pickup

$210.00 USD

Maker: Curtis Novak

Model: Goldfoil M/S DA-GT coil

Condition: New




My version of the old DeArmond M/S gold foil.  Unlike the vintage version mine is actually a humbucker.  The original had a regular single gold foil and a block of wood filled the rest of the space.  They just wanted something that looked the part.

With my version you can have it with 2 Dearmond style coils, 2 Guyatone, style coils or my favorite 1 Dearmond, and one GT.

The DeArmond coil tend to live in  neighborhood of a P-90, and the GT coil has a wonderful full clean bell tone like a Fender. When you combine both coils in a single pickup you get 3 really great tone options and unlike most humbuckers you do not lose much volume and body when you split to a single coil.  There is a demo in the gallery.

Warning unlike most my pickup this one is not a simple turn-key install and might require some customization on your part to make it fit.

The pickup can surface mount using screws through the eyelets  on the Mustache side. Pickup stands about 8mm tall.

The pickup can be mounted to a custom pickguard, I have a routing template to aid with that.

The pickup can be mounted in a humbucker ring.  NOTE though it looks like a standard humbucker, the inside cutout dimensions are  slightly off from a traditional humbucker.  It is slight longer and narrower.  Measurements are also in the gallery.   I have seen some people successfully modify their existing humbucker.  You can also purchase a custom pickup ring with a universal tall base that you can mill or contour to fit your guitar.  The footprint of the ring is the as a standard humbucker ring so the mounting holes can use your existing holes.