Wren and Cuff The Your Face '70

$189.99 USD

Maker: Wren and Cuff

Model: The Your Face '70

Condition: New



•    Two BC108 silicon transistors selected for specific gains.
•    Super-quiet metal film resistors
•    Added smoothing capacitors to tame spiky highs and eliminate squealing at higher volumes.
•    Modified for higher output volume.
•    Reverse-log fuzz potentiometer that allows for finer tuning of the amount of fuzz applied.
•    Mullard “tropical fish” out-cap with increased value to allow more lows to come through.
•    Custom “You” knob functions as a low-cut to allow for fine tuning of the lows let into the circuit
An ultra-smooth high-gain silicon 70’s style fuzzer. May be the smoothest most useful silicon fuzz you’ve ever heard!