Coppersound Gravity Bomb Boost

$89.00 USD

Maker: Coppersound

Model: Gravity Bomb Boost

Condition: New 




A utilitarian tone monster, Gravity Bomb is a powerful tool in a pint-sized package. Based around an audiophile-grade Burr Brown Op Amp, turning the knob counterclockwise perfectly preserves and buffers your clean tone. Maxing out the knob can deliver a bone-shaking 20dB of clean boost; more than enough to push your amp into natural, singing overdrive! Powering Gravity Bomb at up to 18 volts can deliver even more headroom and clarity.

  • 20dB of clean volume boost
  • 9-18V operation
  • Audiophile-grade Op-amp
  • Mechanical, true bypass
  • Miniature form factor
  • Passionately hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: 3.65″ x 1.52″

Power Consumption: 9V @ 15mA | 18V @ 30mA