Coppersound Foxcatcher Overdrive/Boost

$199.00 USD

Maker: Coppersound

Model: Foxcatcher

Condition: New 



Welcome to your new go-to overdrive. Based on the Iconic Bluesbreaker circuit, Foxcatcher is a two-in-one drive and boost with myriad tone-sculpting options, making it the perfect addition to any pedalboard! Utilizing audiophile-grade Burr Brown Op Amps in both the boost and overdrive channels (which are independent and order switchable), Foxcatcher can deliver an enormous range of tones – from pristine boosted cleans, to saturated rhythms and leads. Foxcatcher’s EQ has a neutral full frequency response, trending to the brighter side as you increase the gain, allowing you to slice through the mix with ease. If you’re looking to dial in a mellower drive tone, the Nature knob serves to smooth out high-end frequencies, without coloring the overall overdriven signal. Powering Foxcatcher at up to 18 volts delivers even more headroom to the circuit, and with over 20dB of volume on tap, the Boost channel can push the front end of your amp into natural breakup all by itself!

  • Award-winning, light to medium clipping overdrive
  • Powerful EQ & presence control
  • Burr Brown audiophile-grade op amp
  • Independent or stacked clean boost (Gravity Bomb)
  • Order toggle to place boost before or after drive
  • Integrated output buffer
  • Mechanical, true bypass
  • 9-18V operation
  • Passionately hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: 4.72″ x 3.71″

Power Consumption: 9V @ 35mA | 18V @ 55mA