Coppersound Daedalus Dual Reverb

$199.99 USD

Maker: Coppersound

Model: Daedalus Dual Reverb

Condition: New 



Based around the Belton 3 Reverb brick, Daedalus features lucious and dreamy plate-style reverb with up to three seconds of total decay, a dedicated FX loop, and a host of other features in a straightforward and manageable package. While the Reverb and Depth knobs dictate the Mix and Length of the decay respectively, Daedalus packs a “special sauce”, in the form of the Preamp knob, pushing the front end of the Belton circuit, effectively increasing the overall “size” of the reverb signal. This powerful control also works beautifully in tandem with the Blend Knob and FX loop, allowing you to affect only the wet signal with an external device, blend to taste, and balance the overall level of the reverb signal. The Secondary Switch further allows you to toggle between two preset Reverb levels; Set one for shorter amp-style reverb sounds, and the second for a longer expansive reverb. Designed for gigging musicians and experimentalists alike, Daedalus is a lively and user-friendly solution to your reverb needs.


  • Plate-style reverb
  • Multiple reverb levels accessible on the fly via secondary footswitch
  • Discreet, on-board JFET preamp for expanded room size and depth
  • Newest generation of digital reverb brick
  • Integrated expression jack with designated blend control for external effects or expression pedal
  • Mechanical, true bypass
  • 9V operation
  • Passionately hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: 4.72″ x 3.71″

Power Consumption: 9V @ 75mA