Coppersound Passive AB/Y

$55.00 USD

Maker: Coppersound

Model: Passive AB/Y

Condition: New 



The CopperSound Passive ABY pedal is a simple and handy utility device designed to split one input into two separate outputs, or combine two separate inputs into one output. Being a Bi-directional Passive device, its applications are only limited by your imagination! Use it to run and organize your stereo rig, switch between two instruments on the fly, or even as a mute switch for silent instrument changes. To make connections simple, the footswitch washers are color-coordinated to their corresponding output jack. Since this ABY is a passive device, power is only required for the status LEDs.

  • Splits the input signal into two identical output signals
  • Can be used to run two signals into one signal
  • Acts as a mute switch for silent instrument changes