Collision Devices Singularity Fuzz black

$190.00 USD

Maker: Collision Devices

Model: Singularity

Condition: New



It is basically the fuzz section from the Black Hole Symmetry taken apart. There is a single output volume control. It is loud and sounds huge.
We added a toggle switch to cut the output Low Pass at 3 different frequencies :

720Hz, 2,3kHz, 16kHz

The signal passes through a JFET transistor and 3 silicon transistors to end up being destroyed.
Completely built in France. From the enclosure to the circuit. Assembled by hand in our workshop.

Lifetime warranty.

Maximum current draw 25 mA

Input Impedance 1 MOhm

Voltage +9V DC (négative center)

The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Collision devices Pedals. Power supply not included.

The pedal is true bypass