Catalinbread Bicycle Delay

Maker: Catalinbread

Model: Bicycle Delay

Condition: New



Named as a tip of the hat to Albert Hofmann's bicycle ride after his discovery of LSD in 1943. The Catalinbread Bicycle Delay delivers a similar sonic experience; from the mildly trippy to full-on out of control run away sonics. Traditional delays, ring mods sounds, sonic experimentation, background washes - they're all here if you allow your mind to wander.

Controls labeled Lucidity, Expanse, Reflect cover the standard delay controls one would expect; mix / time & feedback/repeats. With he addition of the Mood and Radiance controls things start to make this sonic trip really interesting. The Bicycle adds ring modded sounds to the repeats and via the mood knob it changes the octave of the ring mod/repeat. Radiance adds filter adjust to control the tone of the mood you've designed.

Together the controls come together to deliver a truly unique psychedelic delay trip. 



Type: Delay

Vendor: Catalinbread

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