Caroline "The Blues" Overdrive

$189.99 USD

Maker: Caroline

Model: The Blues

Condition: New




People thought the April fools video we made was for a fake pedal. But this "Expensive Amplifier" is definitely for real.

How does it sound? Check out the settings video! If our critically acclaimed and popular "Hawaiian Pizza" is 30% drive, 70% fuzz, think of "The Blues" as its 80% drive, 20% fuzz cousin. It's a bone simple, elegant transistor circuit that shares common ancestry with some other pedals you might be familiar with (along the lines of the Lovepedal Les Lius, Greer Ghetto Stomp, or Emerson Em-Drive) but with Caroline's particular twist on things, select batches of mojo unobtanium and pixie dust, and abundant heat from the NOS BC108 transistor pushing things.