BLAMMO! Electronics ZAP Master OC44

$174.99 USD

Maker: BLAMMO! Electronics

Model: ZAP Machine OC44

Condition: New



This baddie sports a NOS Mullard OC44 germanium transistor with a voltage inverter that allows the use of the standard center negative 9 volt power supply rather the older center positive style plugs that typically use a male adapter. We also update the footswitch to a super robust and much more quite DeMont 3PDT that gives the feel of the clicky style switches without as much pop. And they last longer too.



- True Bypass w/ DeMont 3PDT footswitch

- NOS OC44 germanium transistor

- Panasonic film caps

- Teflon coated wiring
- UV printed Chrome colored enclosure

- Top mounted jacks

- Green LED

- Accepts the standard 2.1mm center negative power supply (Boss style)

- Current Draw :  4 mA


Handmade with care in Portland, Oregon