BLAMMO! Electronics Tunebender MK 1.5

$159.99 USD

Maker: BLAMMO! Electronics

Model: Tunkender MK 1.5

Condition: New



The Tunebender from BLAMMO! Electronics takes the classic Vox Tone Bender circuit and updates it without sacrificing its original voice. Better power filtering means less hiss/lower noise floor, higher quality parts with tighter tolerances (less tonal drift over time), smaller more pedalboard friendly enclosure with top mounted jacks, a 3-way output cap mod (basically a tone/fattness control), and a no-click relay based true bypass footswitch.  Hand selected NPN NOS germanium transistors allows the user to power the Tunebender daisy chain style with other center negative pedals (isolated power supplies are recommended).

 Ron Asheton from The Stooges used one.

We subtly nod to this fact by implementing Stooges Funhouse inspired text into the graphic and a quote from Ron on the PCB. Be like Ron and "Let one go." with a Tunebender and a cranked Marshall today! Or whenever is convenient for you...

- True bypass

- No click footswitch

- Carbon Composition resistors

- NOS germanium transistors

- Top mounted jacks
- 3-way Tone / Fattness control
- NOS Tropical fish Input cap
- Orange LED
- Teflon coated offboard wiring
- 125b silver powder coated enclosure (4.8 x 2.6 x 1.5")
- Screen printed graphics done in-house by hand
- 2.1mm center negative power supply (normal Boss style)

- Current Draw :  26 ma