BLAMMO! Electronics The Goodbye Kitty

$144.99 USD

Maker: BLAMMO! Electronics

Model: The Goodbye Kitty

Condition: New



The Goodbye Kitty is a fun take on the Shin-Ei Companion fuzz circuit that doesn't compromise the big, blown out fuzz tone original units are known for.  Instead of tweaking the circuit beyond recognition, we update it by adding a few modern conviences.


     First off, we add a Big Muff style tone control that cuts high frequencies while boosting the lows when dialed left, and does the exact opposite when knobbed to the right (boosts highs but cuts low frequency). A clean gain stage is then added to make up for any potential volume loss from the tone control, but to also solve the low output problem some original units suffered from. Next we swap the old clicky 3PDT footswitch for a relay based true bypass switching system that employs a much quiter footswitch that is virtually silent. Hand silkscreened graphics adorn the slimmed down powder coated enclosure that utilizes top mounted power and in / out jacks to reduce its footprint, making it more pedalboard friendly.


- True Bypass

- No click footswitch

- Panasonic film caps

- Top mounted jacks

- Board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers

- 125b pink powder coated enclosure (4.69 x 2.52 x 1.57 inch)

- Silk screened graphics applied by hand

- True Bypass

- 3mm green LED

- Requires 2.1mm center negative power jack (typical Boss type)

- Current Draw: 028ma