Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Drive

$299.99 USD

Maker: Blackstar Amplification

Model: Dept. 10 Dual Drive

Condition: New



Introducing Dept. 10

Brought to you by Blackstar’s R&D division responsible for blue-sky innovation and design, Dept. 10 are the most advanced valve pedals in the world.

Real Valve Tone Effects Loop Integration

At the heart of each Dept. 10 pedal is an ECC83 triode valve, running at more than 200V internally like a valve amp, which allows them to deliver organic tone, dynamics and break up.

Effects Loop Integration

Built-in series effects loop for maximum flexibility and easy integration into your pedalboard.

9V Power Supply Included

All Dept. 10 pedals run at more than 200V internally just like a valve amp, however thanks to clever design can be powered with a standard 9V adaptor (included). This allows the ECC83 to deliver true valve tone  and response while remaining pedalboard friendly.

Built-in Buffer / Line Driver

All Dept. 10 pedals feature a built-in buffer / line driver. Perfect for preserving your tone when using long cables, or large pedalboards, even driving low impedance pedals like many wah wah’s.

Your Backup Amp

Venue backline down? No problem. Simply run the pedal’s XLR DI straight to the desk and connect your other effects via the built-in buffered effects loop. Use your pre-saved Cab Rig speaker simulations and deliver tone rivalling any miked up amp.

Dept. 10 Dual Drive

Meticulously designed and engineered by a team of musicians for musicians. Choose from Boost, Dual Drive or Dual Distortion to help you craft your perfect tone. 

The best valve drive pedal you will ever own and a world-class valve recording preamp – with 3 crunch/overdrive voices alongside the clean channel, our patented ISF control, low latency USB, XLR out and Dept. 10’s proprietary Cab Rig simulator technology.

Dual Drive includes Cab Rig, our next-generation DSP speaker simulator that reproduces the sound and feel of a miked up guitar cab in incredible detail. Deep-dive using the accompanying free software and capture the incredible tones via USB / XLR out or headphones.

Adding to this, an in-built effects loop allows for effortless integration with your pedalboard which when used with the XLR D.I. makes for a great sounding and flexible backup amp.

  • Overdrive Pedal
  • ECC83 Triode Valve
  • 9V PSU Powered
  • 2 Channels / 2 Voices Per Channel
  • Patented ISF Tone Stack EQ 
  • XLR D.I Output
  • USB Recording Output
  • Stereo 1/4″ Headphone Output
  • FX-Loop
  • Cab Rig™ Speaker Simulator (3 save slots on pedal)