Beetronics Abelha Tropical Fuzz

$289.00 USD

Maker: Beetronics

Model: Abelha Tropical Fuzz
Condition: New 

Through the psychedelic soundscapes of Tropicália, fuzz
has made its mark on Brazil's musical journey. ABELHA,
which means "bee" in Portuguese, captures the very
essence and vintage allure of this tropical fuzz
phenomenon. It reimagines this classic vibe, infusing
it with a forward-thinking twist, destined to become a

timeless classic for the future.

The ABELHA offers three distinct flavors of fuzz via a toggle switch at the pedal's center. "Polen" delivers a sagged and spitty tone reminiscent of a dying battery on a germanium fuzz style. "Nectar" provides a round and huge-sounding fuzzy option, while "Honey" offers slightly more contained gain with impressive versatility. The "Buzz" and "Loud" controls adjust the fuzz and volume, while the "HI" and "LO" controls provide a versatile range to shape your EQ to perfection.

Dive into psychedelic realms with the "Tropical Mode", a high-pass filter that transports you straight to the tropics. Activate it with a double tap on the footswitch or hold it for momentary sonic exploration. Three footswitch profile options enable you to adjust
the tempo changes for the momentary function to your liking.

The ABELHA is the ultimate pedal to create a world of fuzz sounds, bridging the gap between old-school charm and modern musical innovation.