AC Noises RICORDA Stereo Granular Reverb +Freeze/Loop

$399.00 USD

Maker: AC Noises


Condition: New



RICORDA means “remember” in second person imperative (tu, ricorda = you, remember).

Music, like memories, has the ability to transport us to different times and places.
It has the power to evoke emotions buried deep within us and stir memories long forgotten. Whether it's the first Xmas eve spent with our families, that road trip with friends, or the quiet moments alone with our thoughts, fragments of memories triggered by sounds and their reverberations can transport us back in time.

Born from the collaboration between AC noises and Andrea Degli Esposti from BunkerNoise, this effect pedal is the very first stereo unit of AC noises current catalogue.

Developed on an incredibly powerful DSP (which is often used in modular synthesizers industry more than the effects pedals one), RICORDA provides a multitude of parameters for sculpting and shaping the reverberant space. From controlling the density and size of the grains to modulating their feedback and stereo spread, the possibilities for sonic exploration are virtually limitless. With each adjustment, the reverberant environment evolves by revealing new dimensions and sonic possibilities, also thanks to the freeze/loop feature and the “hidden” secondary mode as well.