The AB-Synth by Fuzzhugger has been around for seven years now solidifying itself as a weapon of choice for those on the hunt for unique tones. Unlike anything you've played, this truly is a fuzz in it's own sonic world. Delivering everything from smooth and rich to wild synth-like tones, oscillation madness and octave fatness it's no wonder it has found it's way into the toolbox of so many creative artists. And now it's run has come to an end as Fuzzhugger is no longer taking orders and has ceased production on them to make way for something new to takes it's place. For those who haven't tried one yet or for those who swear by them and want to ensure a supply; We are down to our final one so if you were hunting for something truly inspiring, grab it before it's gone.

Fuzzhugger AB-Synth

Coast Sonic