For the second installment of our new Hi-Fives feature we decide to pester Ryan Clarke, better know as Dr. Scientist. 

Thanks Ryan!


Top five scariest things about running your own company

  1. Constant pressure of not having a safety net, it's all on you.
  2. Constant pressure of not having benefits or retirement plans or anything like that.
  3. Constant pressure of getting orders, keeping caught up with orders, and then being paid for them.
  4. Constant pressure of communication demands, customer service and support, never letting anybody down.
  5. Constant pressure of staying innovative and interesting and relevant amongst the increasing horde of talented builders.


 Top five things about living in Canada

  1. Everywhere here is really diverse with people of many nationalities, to be Canadian is truly to be from everywhere in the world.
  2. We have the Trailer Park Boys.
  3. Same-sex couples can legally get married in every single city across Canada for many years.
  4. We have special herbal medicines that are basically decriminalized, man.
  5. More beautiful scenery than you can shake a cat at.  (the cats are beautiful too)


Top five words only Canadians know

  1. There's no sofas or couches here.. we have chesterfields.
  2. It's not a beanie... it's a toque. 
  3. We don't have soft drinks or sodas... we have pop.
  4. Fries + gravy + cheese?  That's poutine and we invented it.
  5. Frig.  It's the more polite version of fuck.  (pardon me, sorry)


Top five pedals that should never have been made

  1. Well I won't name any names but old pedals with 2 prong AC power cords that can short to the chassis and kill somebody, it's poor form.
  2. Wah pedals
  3. Auto-wah pedals
  4. Manually swept midrange-focused filter pedals
  5. Wah-Wah pedals


Top five amplifiers

  1. Ones that sound good clean, preferably with lots of big speakers since that looks cool.
  2. My buddy Nick with Dunwich Amps makes extra cool amps.
  3. My buddy Alex with Science Amps also makes extra cool amps.
  4. Really low wattage tube amps that are super distorted.
  5. My main amp is a '76 Super Reverb, same age as me.


Top five songs you love but wouldn’t play when anyone is around

  1. 70s synth pop
  2. 80s synth pop
  3. 90s synth pop
  4. contemporary synth pop
  5. I've just always been embarrassed to like synth pop but I love the synths and the catchiness!


Top five websites to frequent

  1., you're gonna have a blast.
  2., I love watching Let's Plays of video games and crazy documentaries about Mars while I work. 
  3., live video games, for people who don't have time to actually play video games.
  4., the community of builders and buddies goofing off and having fun on IG is awesome.
  5. This seems like a tacky and tasteless shout-out to myself but it's really a shout-out to the best website builder around, my buddy Bryan Kulba: (make sure you're on a pc or laptop or tablet, the phone version is different) 


Top five Canadian bands

  1. The Birthday Massacre, cool synth rock
  2. Death From Above 1979, cool drum and bass rock'n'roll
  3. Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, cool synth rock
  4. Rush, friggin invented synth rock
  5. My buddy Jake Ian, old school country


Top five potato chip flavors

  1. All burnt.  You know how there's always a couple burnt chips in the bag.. imagine a bag full of them!  (never had this but I think it would rule)
  2. Salt and Vinegar
  3. Barbecue
  4. Chocolate Dipped (never had this but it sounds good to me)
  5. Cinnamon Sugar (never had this either.. I gotta get into making potato chips)


Top five things that confuse you

  1. What was the universe, or the space it would occupy, like before the big bang?
  2. Why is the universe expanding at an increasing rate and what is it expanding into?
  3. What is the actual state/condition of all the unaccounted for (dark) matter and energy from the universe?
  4. What happens when you die?
  5. Why did Adult Swim cancel Brak?


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