This edition of the World Famous Hi-Fives finds us checking in with London's David Rainger, the sonic wizard behind the very unique Raigner FX! Give it a read to get David's thoughts on strange foods, strange tunings and more!


Top Five things about running your own company

  1. Following your own weird ideas (if they make sense)
  1. Can be hugely satisfying.
  1. Having breaks whenever you want.
  1. Making stuff you love, and other people loving it too.
  1. Sometimes it can seem impressive to other people - when you spin it right....


Top Five underrated guitar players

  1. John McGeoch - Siouxsie And The Banshees. This guy was special - fabulous exciting sounds, he was really thrilling.
  1. Mike Leander - Glitter Band (and Gary Glitter). He tuned all the strings to the same note, made really distinctive unusual guitar sounds that were massive pop hits! Of course now no-one wants to know...
  1. Harvey Hinsley - Hot Chocolate guitarist. Amazing lead tone - like velvet!
  1. Alvino Rey - Esquivel guitarist. Great glisses, expressionist slide player.
  1. Mick Ronson - David Bowie. I know he gets some props these days, but it's still not enough...


Top Five effects pedals you wish you’d thought of

  1. Wah wah. Would be great to think of something so.... fundamental, and different!
  1. Digitech Whammy pedal. This was truly exciting!
  1. Electronic guitar tuner! (Now apparently this really changed things when it came out...)
  1. Boss Vibrato pedal. A beautiful thing.
  1. Tone In Progress Third Hand. This is quite insane, hysterically funny... yet rather useful!


Top Five reasons not to leave London

  1. London is the international city of the world (taken over from New York!). The whole world is here - and we hugely benefit from it. It's exciting!
  1. 'Meet-up' groups for anything and everything.
  1. Great food (equal with New York).
  1. Grocery deliveries (well, that's all over the UK now). No-one goes food shopping here any more - except online... It's fantastic - someone just brings bags into your kitchen. 
  1. The West End. I love it.


Top Five foods British foods yanks would be scared of

  1. Deep fried saveloy (a kind of sausage in batter.... don't investigate too closely).
  1. Crabsticks - pretend, reconstituted crab.
  1. Fried bread - part of a full english breakfast (if you insist). It's not 'french toast', it's greasy soggy bread. Gawd! 
  1. Rock - as in 'a stick of rock'. This is pure minty sugar in an indestructable cylinder, designed to decimate teeth. Usually has the name of the seaside town it's from, running all the way through the inside of it.
  1. Bars of chocolate that actually taste of chocolate? Can I say this without getting into trouble??


Top Five fictional characters

  1. Santa Claus
  1. Dr Freakenstein
  1. My business manager...

I can't think of any more; I don't read books or watch films BTW.


Top Five things to do when not making music or pedals

  1. Drawing - with charcoal, maybe life drawing
  1. Stargazing
  1. Teasing Labradors
  1. Sitting in coffee shops drinking coffee all day long
  1. Going to endless art galleries


Top Five shows you wish you could have been at

  1. Ramones at CBGB mid 70s
  1. Any Prince show in the early 80s.
  1. Any Michael Jackson show then too.
  1. Any Sex Pistols gig. I'm not a massive fan, but there aren't many more legendary bands.
  1. A dancehall gig in the 1950s where the first Watkins Copycat was used (and everyone stopped dancing and looked in amazement at the stage!)


Top Five albums we’ve never heard of but should

  1. Santana 'Caravanserai' doesn't get mentioned much, and it's breathtaking. A band on fire.
  1. Tevo Howard 'Crystal Republic/Pandora's Box' - I love this basic home-made 707 electro, with tons of vibe.
  1. Jimi Hendrix Experience 'Smash Hits' - his GREATEST album (just look at the tracklisting and tell me it's not!). Jimi was the consummate popstar...
  1. Pretty much anything by Calvin Harris. This kind of dance-pop nonsense is what I usually listen to. My musical taste is totally screwed by the way...
  1. Young Gods 'TV Sky'. A singer, a drummer, and a guy with two fingers on a sampling keyboard... Yet they were mighty. Sounded like the techno Doors.


Top Five things you find confusing

  1. My mobile phone
  1. Impedance in electrical circuits
  1. Listening to french people speak french.
  1. My attitude towards going to bed
  1. People who don't like disco.


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