When it comes to pedal retailers out there coastsonic.com is the little guy, the new guy, the underdog so to speak. While we may be fairly new on the block we're growing fast thanks to all the people out there who share our love of quality craftsmanship and an appreciation for the true sonic artisans building the tools that we love.

Being the little guys lets us be free to try new things and offer new brands more easily than some of the big chain retailers can. We carry brands we believe in, brands whose pedals we love and do use ourselves. We offer a well-curated selection of companies that we feel exemplify the meaning of handmade quality, brands that are proud to stand behind their products and brands whose pedals are helping craft the music of today and tomorrow.

We also have brands and special editions that you won’t find anywhere else thanks to the trust these companies have put in us. We have a common goal after all: better gear equals better tone.

We offer free priority mail shipping in the USA on all our pedals – no minimum purchase required. We also have very reasonable priority shipping rates for our international friends.

Welcome to Coast Sonic, the World’s local pedal shop.



So how did we get here?

The Coast Sonic Story:

Coast Sonic Pedal Providers is the culmination of a life-long love affair with the making of music. Founder Jody Morris spent over 20 years as a professional photographer, a career that started with promoting live alternative and punk rock shows evolving into shooting bands. Having discovered the guitar in junior high his passion was fueled by the skateboarding and D.I.Y. punk scenes of the late eighties and early nineties. It was the “do-it-yourself” attitude of both the skateboarding and counter-culture music world of the era that led him to follow his interests and forge a career in photography. That path led him to photographing everyone from Fugazi to Black Sabbath and evolved into a career shooting the world’s top professional skateboarders.


 Two decades later while looking to step back from a life on the road he was inspired by that same DIY ethos, this time as embraced by the pedal building world. Craftsmen from all walks of life carving out their own way in the world, starting their own brands and delivering the kind of hand made quality gear that could inspire musicians the world over.

Coast Sonic Pedal Providers was created as an avenue to both reconnect with our music roots and to help musicians create the music that needs to be heard.

With the proliferation of large faceless chain stores and mass-produced, mass marketed gear Coast Sonic aims to take a different path. Our goal is to support quality craftsmanship and the smaller hand made companies that are putting quality before quantity. We are here for those that want more than just being another order number at a large warehouse store. We are here to help you craft that sound you hear in your head, to help you find the best tools for the job of shaping your tone.