Mojotone Pre-Wired Strat Blender Guitar Wiring Harness

$76.95 USD

Maker: Mojotone

Model: Pre-Wired Strat Blender Harness 

Condition: New



The Fender style Blender wiring kit uses one volume, one master tone, and a blender pot. In the neck position you can blend the bridge pickup in to varying degrees. In the bridge position you can blend the neck pickup in to varying degrees. In positions two and four all three pickups are on at once. Use push on knobs only. 
  • (2) CTS 250k vintage taper audio split shaft 7% tolerance potentiometers 
  • (1) CTS Blender 250k audio split shaft potentiometer 
  • (1) CRL 5-way switch 
  • (1) Switchcraft mono input jack 
  • (1) Vitamin T Oil Filled .047uf capacitor 
  • (2 ft) Pre-tinned cloth covered black wire 
  • (2 ft) Pre-tinned cloth covered white wire 
  • (1) Volume mod cap and resistor