Emerson Custom 5-Way Strat Prewired Kit 500k

$115.00 USD
By Emerson

Maker: Emerson Custom

Model: 5-Way Strat Prewired Kit 500k

Condition: New




Our prewired kits are very popular... and for good reason; They improve your tone! We take great pride in using premium components that work and sound better than stock electronics found in your guitar. Our pots are hand metered and matched for great consistency and even taper on both the volume and tone knob (better control when rolling down the volume knob... no more mud) Our Emerson Paper in Oil capacitors sound amazing! Paper in Oil capacitors were used in vintage Fender and Gibsons for good reason... They sound amazing. Our kits are painstaking wired by hand one at a time in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, USA. We take great pride in our solder work and neatness when we craft our prewired kits. We build our kits to last a very long time and perform great. We think you will appreciate the detail both sonically and visually that goes into each and every one of our prewired kits.

- (3) Emerson PRO CTS Split Shaft w/ (3/8") .375" Shaft Potentiometers 
- (1) Oak Grigsby 5-Way Switch 
- (1) Switchcraft 1/4" Mono Input Jack (PREWIRED) 
- (1) 0.047uf Emerson Paper in Oil Capacitor
*(0.022uf are used with 500K-Ohm Pots Option)* 
- (1) Volume Mod 
- Wiring Diagram

Control Layout: 
• Master Volume 

Switch Positions: 
1. Bridge 
2. Bridge & Middle in Parallel 
3. Middle 
4. Middle & Neck in Parallel 
5. Neck

**Installation Tips for Knobs on Split Shaft Pots: Our Emerson Pro split shaft pots are made to fit USA Spec 24 spline push-on knobs. Import Guitars will need new USA Spec Knobs. We recommend that you slightly crimp together the top of the potentiometers shaft ever so slightly so that when you go to push on the knob you don't damage the pot shaft by exerting too much downward pressure.