Fairfield Circuitry PB&J Compact Patchbay

$105.00 USD

Maker: Fairfield Circuitry

Model: PB&J

Condition: New 


PB & J is a 8 point patchbay in a convenient form factor.

A shop favourite, we've made a few for ourselves over the years and they've been much appreciated and very useful. 

Rearrange your pedals on the fly, try new orders and combinations, easily patch in some 1/8" sources and CV modulators, forget  which input is which and make some creative mistakes. 

All that good stuff. 
It's just a patchbay, your creativity is the limit.
Peanut butter and Jacques.

To use PB & J, you will need at least 4 eurorack style mini patch cables, sold separately.