DiMarzio SG Wiring Harness

$149.99 USD

Maker: DiMarzio

Model:  SG Wiring Harness

Condition: Brand New



The heart of this drop-in prewired harness for SG®-style guitars is our custom designed 500K potentiometer. First introduced over 45 years ago, we used a 10-step rotary switch to create a taper that works with DiMarzio’s high impedance pickups. It’s neither a linear nor audio taper pot -- it's DiMarzio's custom taper. To further increase reliability, we make the center shaft and threaded parts from solid machined brass instead of cheap castings.

Our kit includes a Switchcraft® right-angle selector switch (with both black and cream tips) and Switchcraft® output jack. DiMarzio wiring harnesses are all hand assembled and tested in the USA using lead free silver solder and the best sound-tested parts. We chose Mod® .022uf oil filed capacitors for their softer, smoother roll off on the tone controls, and we include vintage-style shielded cloth wire.

Ideal for the following switching configuration:

  1. Bridge
  2. Bridge and Neck Parallel
  3. Neck

Component List:

DiMarzio Custom Taper Potentiometers – 500K
Mod Oil Filled Capacitor - .022uf
Gavitt Vintage Shielded Hookup Wire – 22 Gauge
Switchcraft Right Angle 3-way Switch and Output Jack

*Please note: these are direct replacements for the standard 3/8-inch (9.525mm) holes found on most Gibson® guitars. Some enlargement may be required for non-standard or import-specific hole diameters.

Gibson and SG are registered trademarks of Gibson Brands, Inc., with which DiMarzio, Inc. is not affiliated.