Klon KTR

Maker: Klon

Model:  KTR

Condition: New



Coast Sonic is an official dealer for Klon.

Considered by many to be the benchmark of overdrive tones, the original Klon Centaur has become the stuff of legends.  Since going out of production years ago it has commanded stratospheric prices on the second hand market and become one of the most cloned drive pedals around. Many have tried to replicate the Elon recipe but none have matched it. As an answer to the original's unobtainablity Elon revisited things and released the KTR. The circuit is designed by Bill Finnegan, the man behind the original Centaur and as such delivers the originals tones true to form but at obtainable prices. 

The Klon KTR has a 3 year warranty on parts and labor to the original purchaser.


Type: Overdrive

Vendor: Klon

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