BearFoot FX Bumble Bee

$189.00 USD

Maker: BearFoot FX

Model: Bumble Bee

Condition: Brand New


DESCRIPTION Is there gas in the car?  With a name like 'Bumble Bee' you can probably guess some of the target range for this new multi stage OD. Mr. 335 is known for his wonderful Dumble tones, but that famous 'Kid' solo was actually just his 335 into his Tweed Deluxe. So we started with the dynamic, tweedish Honey Bee sound and gave it a little more gas and clarity and a pre dirt booster with that sweet upper mid bark to push the Bumble Bee into singing, sweet, tight solo land.   The Nature control is neutral at noon. To the left, pre drive lows are added to give it that bloated, churning tone of a little tweed combo being pushed into distortion and compression.   To the right, the Nature control adjusts the highs and at full clockwise is removed from the circuit and the Bee gets more headroom and harmonics (be sure and try this). The Drive control comes after the Nature and Boost controls so is interactive with them depending on how you stack the gain stages. The Treble Control at about 9 o'clock is the classic Honey Bee tone and you can 'lift the blanket' from there. The Boost control is a pre dirt boost with a tailored upper mid push to dial in those singing barking lead tones.


  • 5-15v operation
  • True Bypass
  • Standard 9v power supply (not included). Current draw ~13ma
  • Made in the USA