Basic Audio Gnarly Fuzz

Maker: Basic Audio

Model: Gnarly Fuzz

Condition: New



A cross between the Maestro Fz-1 and elements of the Shin Ei Fy-2. Basically sounds like a silicon Tone Bender MK1 with the ability to pan between a lower grainy type fuzz and a big, cutting Tone Bender type fuzz.
There are in-between sounds as well. The fuzz knob is a blend between one and two transistor circuits in series.
"The pedal has a lot of sustain and very vintage tones, when the "texture" is dimed I find the pedal to be exactly like an MKI tone bender. A very woody, beautiful tone. However, I find the pedal to have the sustain of an MKII tonebender!" - Adam Mahler

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Basic Audio

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