For this edition of the Coast Sonic Hi-Fives we're pleased to present Seymour Duncan's master of the custom shop; Maricela “MJ” Juarez! 
To celebrate her 40th anniversary with the company Seymour Duncan has released limited-edition hand wound sets featuring collaborations with Peter Frampton, Steve Miller and Pete Anderson!
From MJ:
"When I started working at Seymour Duncan in March 1983, I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to custom-wind pickups for some of the best guitar players in music. Over the last 40 years, I have put my love, heart, and soul into every aspect of what I do here at the company."


Top five foods you’re scared of
1. Non-cooked  seafood
2. Raw onions  
3. Paella
4. Clam chowder
5. Onion Soup  


Top five things to spend five bucks on

1. My # 1; Paying forward
2. a pair of glasses
3. having my nails done
4. cooking for my family or friends
5. traveling


Top five things about living in Santa Barbara

1.  Close to family
2.  Great city
3.  Nice weather
4.  Everything is close
5. Good Museums & good movies theaters   


Top five songs you love but wouldn’t play when anyone is around

1.  I love all Genders of music and I will play them all.


Top five musicians you wanted to wind something for and eventually did

1.  Peter Frampton
2. Steve Miller
3. Joe Bonamassa
4. Eddie Van Halen
5. Slash


Top five guests for the ultimate diner party

1. Peter Frampton
2. Brad Paisley
3. Eric Gales
4. Billy F Gibbons
5. Eric Johnson


Top five things that confuse you

1. Politics
2. Money market
3. War
4. Food prizes
5. Weather


Top five prized possessions

1. God
2. My kids
3. My home
4. My work
5. All my family & all of you


Top five things you’d rather being doing than listing top five

1. Making pickups
2. Looking at old pictures and old specs
3. Spend time with family and friends
4. Vacation
5. Cooking


The Maricela “MJ” Juarez 40th Anniversary limited-edition sets include collaborations with Peter Frampton, Steve Miller and Pete Anderson. Each collaboration is limited to 160 sets worldwide. The Pete Anderson and Peter Frampton sets are hand-signed, the Steve Miller's feature his signature printed on the covers.

See the MJ 40th Limited Edition sets here

Jody Morris