We're pleased to announce that we've finally resurrected our old Hi-Fives feature! The Hi-Fives is where we pester the folks behind the brands we carry with a series of pointless top five questions for our own amusement.

To start things off we're happy to report that Dunable Guitar's honcho Sacha Dunable was able to put up with this nonsense thus allowing us to waste both his time and yours! Thanks Sacha!

Read on:

Top five best things about running your own company
1. freedom to wear dirty heavy metal T-shirts every day when you’re 41
2. making things that put a smile on peoples faces
3. financial freedom for about 20 minutes a year
4. getting to hang out with your best friends (employees) who are always nice to you (because you pay them)
5. not having a boss who is less intelligent and talented than you and treats you like a jerk (unrelated to #4)
Top five things that interfere with running said company
1. Covid-era shipping services
2. Every conceivable hiccup in manufacturing happening 100% of the time 
3. Credit card fraud
4. Customers treating you like you’re Amazon 
5. IG/FB deciding to change their algorithms so that all of a sudden 1/10th of your usual engagements see anything you post on the one form of advertising you’ve relied on for almost ten years, forcing you to read some unbearable blog article about how to master social media, something I wish I could spend more of my time on.
Top five foods to avoid
1. Dunlop Lemon oil
2. Sawdust off the woodshop floor
3. Humbucker Helper™️ 
4. Stewmac Fret Butter (just take my word for it)
5. Carbonara fiber reinforcement rods 
Top five fictional artists
1. Spinal Tap
2. Crucial Taunt
3. The Lone Rangers 
4. Wyld Stallyns 
5. Blues Hammer 
Top five things that confuse you
1. PRS rotary wiring 
2. Line vs Mic level 
3. 7 strings or more on a guitar (no shade it’s just confusing to me)
4. The popularity of most music
5. What a buffer does
Top five worst jobs you’ve held
1. KFC
2. Temp agency placement in department store warehouses 
3. Telemarketing/sales (I was let go after two hours so take your pick on what part of the equation was so bad)
4. Restaurant gig where every day, the owner took 25% of the top jar, pooled with the three employees on staff
5. Touring in a bus with 14 recreational drug users (could also go on “best jobs” list)
Top five ways to spend 5 bucks
1. Two rolls of toilet paper for the assembly shop because they will be out
2. If sufficient, bribe Uline to stop sending their phone book-sized catalogs with every weekly guitar box delivery, considering we punt them out the door into the dumpster without even opening them, as a tribute to the poor tree (or trees) who gave their life.
3. A coffee/spinach/spirulina smoothie doordashed from movita (delicious)
4. Tip the Tuesday morning cleaning service 
5. Have all delinquent invoices professionally printed so we can livestream us publicly shaming them.
Top five albums for long drives
1. Mogwai - As the love continues 
2. Meshuggah - Chaosphere 
3. Jaga Jazzist - The Tower
4. Yes - Close To The Edge
5. Unsane- Visqueen 
Top five most embarrassing songs on your phone
1. Elvis - As recorded live at Madison square garden
2. Intronaut 
3. Intronaut 
4. Intronaut 
5. Intronaut 
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