We recently added Old Blood Noise to our fine family and so we thought we'd subject him to the pointless nonsense of a Hi-Fives! 


Top five things about starting your own company

  1. no boss.
  2. no set schedule.
  3. limited hoop jumping.
  4. decorate your office however you like.
  5. no sleep, no money, no security.


Top five things we don’t know about OBNE

Hmm, that's a toughie. There's not much mystery to our company. We're just doing the deal. 


Top five pedals you wish you had come up with

  1. EHX bass micro synth.
  2. Caroline Wave Cannon 2
  3. DOD Gonkulator
  4. Boss TU2
  5. anything chase bliss audio.


Top five things you find confusing

  1. taxes.
  2. programming.
  3. the stock market.
  4. Sleep cycles.
  5. Time Travel


Top five albums for driving long distances

 - midlake - trials of van occupanther

 - Grouper - A I A: Alien Observer

 - Mogwai - Mr Beast


Top five foods to avoid

  1. Indian (*Seth rigidly disagrees).
  2. Fish and Chips on the Ferry from UK to Europe.
  3. Fast.
  4. Palm Oil.
  5. Pizza.  but i won’t ever avoid it.


Top five reasons to stay home

  1. family
  2. movies
  3. books/comics
  4. dog
  5. cat
  6. sleep

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