We recently caught up with Death By Audio's Oliver Ackermann and subjected him to our series of random questions for another installment of our Hi-Five series. Read on for Oli's take:


Top five things about running a company

  1. Being able to make our company what we wish every other company was like. Good quality and lifetime guarantee. Making something real.
  2. Working with my best friends.
  3. Doing what I love all the time.
  4. Being able to help people out and inspire their creativity.
  5. Make my own hours so I can do other things like tour with A Place To Bury Strangers.


Top five things that tend to interfere with said company

  1. Paperwork
  2. Stress to meet deadlines and keep up with demand.
  3. Cost of living in NY
  4. Parties.
  5. Wanting to do too many things.


Top five worst jobs you’ve held

  1. Waffle House


Top five current pedals you wish you’d made

  1. Afterneath - Earthquaker Devices. Really really cool sounds. Song inspiring.
  2. Eventide - Pitch Time Space Cores. So advanced for other effects even to be worth buying is rediculous.
  3. WMD Geiger Counter - messed up insanity. So many absolutely destructive sounds.
  4. Snazzy Effects - Mini Ark. The sound is amazing.
  5. Knas - Ekdahl Moisterizer. Spring reverb unit with killer abilities to blow your mind. 


Top five guitar tones on record

  1. Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness. When that guitar comes in, come on. No one ever has the guts to be that ballsy.
  2. My Bloody Valentine - Soon. Seething goodness.
  3. The Stooges -1969
  4. Pussy Galore - Nothing Can Bring Me Down. Rippin guitar sounds.
  5. Six Finger Satellite - Board The Bus. Sizzling scratch chords cut like knives.


Top five things you find confusing

  1. People being stubborn
  2. No gun control
  3. No health care. Isnt the most important thing about having something is having it? Is the nation not made up of people?
  4. Men voting on the abortion issue. Its like that comedian talking about fat people. You dont know what its like to be a woman so it aint your conversation!
  5. Things written backwards.


Top five meals on the road

  1. Tacos
  2. Pasta
  3. Fritos and bean dip, somehow its vegan
  4. Oatmeal
  5. Nutz


Top five truck stop impulse purchases

  1. Kill em all hat
  2. Nunchucks
  3. Jerky chaw
  4. Strobe lights
  5. "Fido" dvd

Top five worst songs in your music collection

Geeze, they are mostly so bad it’s hard to begin. 


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