This week's edition of the Hi-Fives finds us talking with Cusack Music's mastermind Mr. Jon Cusack. Have a read for Jon's take on on our series of random top five interview questions and get a quick glimpse into what makes the man tick.


Top 5 things about running your own company

  1. Creating jobs, especially in a down economy.
  2. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a house.  (Thankfully I haven’t yet.)
  3. The illusion that you get to decide what to do.  In reality, you do what your customers need, even if that means working all weekend.
  4. When a musician you look up to calls your cell phone.
  5. Looking back and realizing all the things I learned along the way.


Top 5 things people don’t know about Cusack

  1. Many know I’m an on-call firefighter, but they may not know I’m also a Pro Board Certified Fire Investigator, and a State Certified Fire Instructor.
  2. I was a Fulltime Firefighter for 3 days.  After years of trying to get the fulltime job I finally got in.  After 3 days I realized that my job as an On-Call firefighter was much more satisfying, and I could make a bigger impact on our community by staying on-call.  (And I didn’t have to scale down my involvement in the music industry.)
  3. I received a “lifesaver award” for performing CPR (chest compressions) on a man who eventually walked out of the hospital.  As far as I am aware, he’s still around.
  4. I don’t like being part of the crowd.  If I’m at a concert or local club I prefer to be working the soundboard, or helping on-stage or backstage.
  5. I’ve most likely worked with a builder whose pedal is on your board.


Top 5 things about living in Michigan

  1. We have 2 of the top 10 Discgolf courses in the country. (I’ve played both, although one was a midnight glow round, so I have no idea what that course actually looks like.)
  2. I once wore a Polo shirt to work (it was in the 80s), and parked in the back parking lot (at a big company I worked for at the time).  By the end of the day it was snowing.  I was legitimately concerned that I might freeze to death before making it to my car.
  3. Lots of Micro Breweries.
  4. Every once in a while you’ll come across a road that doesn’t need to be repaved.
  5. I can show you where I live on my hand.


Top 5 fire themed movies

  1. Burn
  2. The Towering Inferno
  3. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
  4. World Trade Center
  5. Backdraft (Not really, but everyone was expecting to see that one.  One of the most un-realistic movies about fires ever created.)


Top 5 non-guitar related things to do

  1. Disc Golf.
  2. Firefighting.
  3. Building renovations.
  4. Playing Halo with my son.
  5. Teaching (Electronics, Firefighting, etc).


Top 5 amplifier circuits

  1. Long Tailed Pair.
  2. Cathode Follower.
  3. Common Cathode Gain Stage.
  4. Current to Voltage Converter.
  5. Precision Current Source.


Top 5 pedals you wished you’d come up with

  1. TS9 – Without it, none of us would be in the business.
  2. Roland Jet Phaser.
  3. Cry Baby.
  4. Shin-Ei Exciter.
  5. Original Camco chain drive Bass pedal.  (Which was stolen by an ex-employee, and I’ve never replaced it.  I did replace him.)


Top 5 websites to visit



Top 5 most embarrassing riffs you can play

  1. Top Gun Theme.
  2. The Old Man Down the Road intro.
  3. Smells like Teen Spirit.
  4. Gimme Three Steps.
  5. Crazy Train.


Top 5 impulse buys when traveling

  1. Guitars.
  2. Pedals.
  3. Beer.
  4. Guns.
  5. Amplifiers.

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